Then and now…

In my last blog post I related what an epiphany my trip to Poland had brought on. Further to the point on “getting with the times”, I would like to pick your brains further around some then and now scenarios.

As parents, we [with good intent] sometimes try to live or perpetuate the life we either missed out on or were “successful” in, through our children. This is often evident in such cases where politicians beget politicians, lawyers beget lawyers, athletes beget athletes, and so on.

For a lot of parents whose childhood was lived in the pre independence era, the dream is often for the children to become doctors, teachers or for them take up one of the professions that have been around since yester year and can be found on the “you’ve made it when you are..” list.

Drawing a parallel from Prince Ea’s “dissing” the education system, is it not equally an injustice to have the expectation that our children aspire to what we deem to be virtuous lives and career paths, in these vastly different times that we live?

Surely nowadays, having a large family is no longer commonplace or encouraged for that matter, even in African families, correct?

Is it not tyrannical that some companies still provide pension plans, as opposed to provident funds? While these plans may have been relevant in the past, where people actually stayed at one company until they retired, what one person in what is called the Generation Y actually stays in one job for anything more than 5-7 years at most? Show me one person, and I’ll ask you “Y”?

In conclusion, let me just emphasize that I am not “dissing” the attempts of well-meaning parents to help their children live out their best lives. We, as parents just need to be careful that we do not beget children that grow up to be dissatisfied adults who spend the majority of their adult lives thinking “What if?”.

Note to self: perhaps I should embrace my three year olds love for beat boxing and start investing in a drum set.
















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